Getting Through Difficult Times

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  1. Getting Through Difficult Times

    Reference: John 11:1-44

    As we can see from this passages, when we find ourselves wrestling with God, when we are angry, confused, and frustrated with Him as to why legitimate prayers go unanswered, and why nothing seems to change. We can be certain there is no crisis too big to bow before our God, and there is no stone that He cannot roll away.

    Ø Through the process of pain and hardship God is speaking to us and teaching us. He wants to take us higher, to another level in him. He allows hardship in order to increase our faith and draw us closer so that we may have a deeper understanding of Him. Let us ask God to renew our minds and give us the “even now” faith like Martha did in V-22.

    Ø Knowing that we serve the God of Resurrection let us allow Him to remove anything and everything that is hindering us from going to the next level “roll away the stone, remove the grave clothes” and resurrect the dead place in our lives.

    Ø Let us ask the Lord for His government, so that we will be prophets in this generation. We want to be voices with authority from on High, speaking into people’s lives and situations so that others may see and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

    No matter the circumstances we find ourselves, there is no dead place that God cannot bring to life, and no dark place where He cannot shine His light. God is at work fashioning us into His image even in the most difficult times and places. He allows these moments of frustration to take us higher so that our faith can be refined to yield a higher level of worship and praise.

    In Christ,


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