Change your Destiny

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One Response

  1. What do you do when you are found or find yourself along the roadside begging when you were meant to be a person of value/honor?

    We each have a destiny and a calling. Bartimaeus’ condition is a good portrait of every person who is outside of God’s will for their lives.

    Although he was blind in the natural, he had good spiritual vision. He knew he had a need and who had the answer. So too, we must recognize who HE is and what HE able to do for us, if we would only ask in prayer.

    Bartimaeus exercised faith in Jesus, which is the key ingredient for receiving anything from God – He persisted and refused to quit. He wanted what the savior had to offer. Let us be like Bartimaeus and get serious about walking in our calling and fulfilling our God given purpose.

    He dropped his cloak which was all he had and must have been quite valuable to him. Do not be afraid of the cost, whatever we receive from Jesus far out ways any price we may be called on to pay.

    After Bartimaeus had received healing from the Lord, he was told to “go thy way.” However, was so thankful that he followed Jesus. Faith is what activated the miracle.

    Let us therefore seize each opportunity to seek the Lord while he may be found and call upon him while he is near. Behold NOW is the acceptable time.

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