What are you doing here?

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  1. Reference: 1 Kings 19:1-18

    Ø Elijah is fed once and again with angel food, and in the strength of it goes “forty days and forty nights unto Horeb, the mount of God.” By spending time with God and in His word we will have all that we need to do His will. He is a God of second chances (vs 5-7).

    Ø Elijah got to his destination found a cave and lodged there. What cave are you hiding in or what walls have you built up that is keeping you imprisoned? Come out of the cave and break out of the self-imposed prisons (vs 9).

    Ø God’s presence in the “still small voice” suggests that He works in still, humble and gentle ways (vs 11-13). This is still how God answers us. Not according to our demands, or designs, but according to His will, His love and His plans. Let us turn the volume of the world down and seek to enter into a place of greater intimacy and stillness with God.
    Ø Don’t settle for where you are. Go back and deal with your past and recover all that God has given you. Don’t ignore or fight his calling but rather submit willingly ( vs 15).
    Sometimes God doesn’t make sense, sometimes he even makes us angry. But we have a God who loves us in the midst of our feelings of loss, anger and or despair.

    Grace and Peace


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