Recipe for Miracles

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One Response

  1. ” One Day” Peter and John were on their usual path (going for prayer) when the unexpected miracle happened.
    1. Stay faithful to the “everyday” responsibilities and then “One day” the breakthrough will suddenly come.
    The lame man was put there everyday….sitting by “Beautiful Gate” with an “ugly condition” that he was born with. He could not go in….he had to stop by the gate.
    2. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting close to “beautiful” things, but we don’t have access to them….But the day of miracle will come.
    There is a timing of God….a right time for miracles. This man was over 40 yrs old… and Jesus and others could have passed by him many times.
    3. We should pray and patiently wait for God..for the right timing of God)
    Though Peter and John were put in jail, because of this healing, about 5000 new believers were added to their number!!
    4. There is a price to pay but the reward is great!

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