Turning Hearts – Turning Tables

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One Response

  1. · Preparation for the coming of the lord will happen with the turning of hearts (Malachi 4:6).

    · God’s plan and his redemptive purpose is that we not forget about his love and goodness toward us; but that we keep it and teach it to other generations (Deut 4: 9&10).

    · We as Christians are called to be in the power and spirit of Elijah just like John the Baptist was, not just for the second coming of the Lord, but also to prepare the hearts of the people. Hearts being made ready is important for the coming of the Lord.

    · We should seek to develop a generational mindset and become intentional and diligent about our own examples of faith, so as to plant good seeds. As a type of Elijah, we can prepare the way of the lord by investing (time, effort, energy, knowledge and resources) into someone that is younger than ourselves.

    · When people fall away from a pure, unadulterated love for God, they end up at the table of compromise and complacency (1 kings 18:37). Just like Elijah, God has given us the power and ability, if we would only stand up for him to challenge and confront the spirit of compromise and idolatry in our nation.

    · God desires His heart to be in us which is a heart of Love. Let us therefore seek to love, foster, encourage and become deliberate about turning the hearts of our next generation to God.

    Many blessings,


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