Running with the Horses


Reference: Jeremiah 12: 1-5

Jeremiah was tired and worn out because he had labored yet his ministry was not producing any fruits; the people did not take heed to his warning, but blatantly returned to the sins of their ancestors and began serving false gods. Instead of listening, they wanted to silence him by killing him. Jeremiah was so very tired that he began to complain/question God.

God’s response: God did not engage Jeremiah’s debate! Nor did he answer in the way Jeremiah thought he should or would, but rather with two illustrations which in essence is saying “I have called you for greater things”.

1. Maintain the right perspective. The God who helped you run with the footmen will also help you run with the horses. The God who sustained you in the peaceful and safe country will be the one to see you through the turbulent times. God’s provision and power for the past is an assurance of His provision for future.

2. God is speaking to us now, even as He spoke in the time of Jeremiah. He is saying “this is not the time to faint, quit or give up”! If you stumble now, what are you going to do with greater challenges in life? HE is working in us to prepare us for the future. “We are His workmanship…”

3. We are involved in a battle. Two of the most powerful weapons the enemy uses against us are discouragement and despair. But God is with us. He will strengthen us and will NOT allow us to bear more than what we are able to overcome. He wants us to run with/overtake the horses.

4. God is sovereign and has His own timing, which is always perfect; so we need to learn to wait on HIM (Isaiah 43:10 says, “They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength…”). Get ready you are going to fly.

Perhaps you are facing some difficulties and have become tired and discouraged. You’ve pleaded with the Lord for relief but to no avail. Dig in. Don’t give up. There is a greater glory! God is in control. He will be with you to strengthen and sustain you.



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