Which Table Will You Eat From?

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  1. • Daniel made a decision. He chose not to participate in anything that would defile him but stuck to what he knew to be true. All the trappings lay bare before him: distinction, profusion, education and assimilation, yet Daniel chose righteousness and a clear conscience before God. From childhood he took this stance, and it endured throughout his life.

    • Though he has had to endure many changes and hardship, he resolved, he was going to serve the Lord, whatever the cost! As Christians we need this same level of determined commitment! We need to dedicate ourselves to God and His plan for our lives, despite the cost! Our duty is to faithfully serve the Lord with all we have and are.

    • In 1 Kings 18:19, the prophets desire to survive was so strong that they were willing to compromise on what they knew was wrong. In contrast, we have Daniel a young boy who said he will not compromise or eat from Jezebel’s table – He proved himself faithful to the Lord by choosing not to eat from the wrong table.

    • We too in our everyday lives need to make a “choice- take a stand”. We have to decide which table we will partake of, will it be the table of compromise, immorality and everything else the world has to offer or will we be like Daniel and refuse to eat from the table of the king or partake of anything that we know will defile us.

    • It is possible to live without compromise. The same spirit that dwelt in Daniel, dwells within us. Even now, more power has been given to us through the cross and the blood of Jesus.

    • Daniel chose to remain blameless in God’s sight. He chose not to become corrupt or be negligent with the things that had been entrusted to him. When God has placed us somewhere, we also need to be “faithful and excel”.

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