Becoming A Blessing

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  1. Reference text for this week: 1 Kings 19:19-21

    This passage tells us about a man named Elisha who wanted to receive a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. It also tells us what it took for him to obtain the double portion he desired. What we learn here from Elisha is valuable in our own lives as well.

    Blessings automatically overflows. To become a blessing we have to be:

    · FAITHFUL – Elisha remained faithful to Elijah to the end. We must prove ourselves to be faithful with whatever the lord has blessed us with. Faithfulness to God leads to greater blessings.

    · DETERMINED – To prove his determination to follow, Elisha destroyed his links to his past life by slaughtering the pair of oxen he was ploughing with and cooked their meat over the wood of his plough and gave it to his friends and relatives. He made a choice and was not going back. If we don’t quit, if we persist and persevere we will obtain the blessing.

    · COMMITTED – Neither opposition or opportunities shook Elisha’s resolved. In order to receive the blessing, he had to remain committed to the purpose and desire. Likewise if we are willing to go all the way with God and go after the things that he has apportioned for us, he will bless our lives with His power and glory.

    · WILLING TO SHARE THE BLESSING – Elisha made bitter water sweet and by doing this brought blessings to an entire city. So too, likewise, we can use our personal breakthroughs and blessings to change the lives of others. God’s blessings to us are not meant to end with us. They are meant to filter down and flow outwardly.

    Using our blessings to meet someone else’s need glorifies God by demonstrating His grace at work in our lives. We should not settle for being the sole recipients or beneficiaries of God’s blessings but RATHER pass them on and discover the never ending cycle of abundant blessings.

    In Christ,


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