God is With You

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  1. • The Israelites, those to whom the promise was given and who were once called mighty conquerors had become cowardly cave dwellers in order to protect their goods and save their lives. The enemy is after your harvest, your fruitfulness and destiny.

    • An angel appears to Gideon and calls him to deliver Israel (vs. 12 -16). Gideon, like most people, immediately tells God why He is wrong. If we come to God as we are, he will take care of all things concerning us including all our insecurities or wrong thinking.

    • In calling Gideon, God was initiating a partnership. He was looking for someone who will “say yes, believe and step out” knowing that although there were problems, God is still God. Not only of the past but the same today and always- His character is consistent. He does not change.

    • What qualified Gideon is that “God was with him”. God had spoken destiny over his life “mighty man of valor” and called him with a purpose “defeat the Midianites as one man”. God was giving Gideon an assignment. God never gives an assignment unless he plans to and intends to be with us.

    • Go,” saith the Lord. “Have not I sent thee?” Go not because you are strong or smart, but because I am sending you. God will not say “go” without providing “grace and strength” equal to the need of going.

    • God, in the process of training Gideon to be the next deliverer commanded him to destroy an altar to Baal and to build an altar to HIM in its place (vs 25 – 27). Sometimes in our walk with God, he will ask us to deal with layers and layers of stuff that needs to come out of us. Deal with the things happening in secret. When he says “deal with stuff”, it is not to punish us but to make us partners with him. Partnering with God may sometimes even mean going against those we love.

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