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COTRIM carries a mandate to impact the nations of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as such, mission work outside of Canada has a significant place in our vision and budget.

David and Priya Anantharajan lead our Missions Department and the Rock of Hope International (RoHI). They not only carry the compassion of God in their hearts but also serve with true humility and grace.

Our work includes an orphanage in India, caring for needy children in Sri Lanka, sending and supporting long term missionaries in two challenging eastern nations, sending short term mission teams, and organizing medical clinics and evangelistic crusades in developing countries.

Our Missionaries

COTRIM has been supporting two OMF missionary families since 2000. One of them was sent out of our own congregation. They continue to serve overseas as long term missionaries.

Eng and Linda Yeong have been good friends of COTRIM from the time of its inception. They have been serving in the Philippines and Thailand since 2003. They have four boys: Evan, Eric, Eli, and Ethan.

The second family was part of COTRIM before they answered the call to serve in an undisclosed nation. They left for the Mission field in 2002 and since then have had three beautiful children.

If you are interested in supporting these families or corresponding with them,
please contact: davidpriya@cotrim.ca

Our Children

Rock of Hope International (ROHI)

Children’s Home

Prompted by the Holy Spirit and guided by the scriptures in Isaiah 58: 6-7, COTRIM embarked on a journey to invest in the lives of needy children in India and Sri Lanka. We now have a Children’s Home in Chennai, South India, called Hebron Children’s Home, that provides food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and emotional as well as spiritual nurturing to orphaned and abandoned children.


Supporting Impoverished Children

ROHI is helping children of impoverished families in Sri Lanka with food, health care, school uniforms, books and school supplies for a quality education. These children will be cared for until they are 18 or they become self-sufficient.

Other Programs

ROHI has invested not only in individual children but also in the communities that they live in. We have funded wells and conducted health camps. We also try to provide families with the means to be self-employed and self-sufficient via income generating projects. We also help some Pastors and Christian workers through monthly financial support.